Where to Sell Fashion On-line Shops by Collette Costello – How to Start a Fashion Company Series

It is finally time to start selling your fashion collection or vintage fashion items on-line, if you are not yet at this point it maybe worth looking at my blog post about what fashion items are good to sell on-line.

All the web-sites below I have personally tried myself in 2017, aiming to sell my designer printed t-shirts and this is what I found.  Follow my channel Kiku Girl on You Tube.

Facebook Shop –  Easy to show your followers what you are selling.  Shop does not allow customers to actually checkout and buy items.

Start a company page and you can have a shop section.  People who like your page can then look at what fashion you sell, so you instantly have customers.  The downside is that they can not actually check out and buy the item, so you need to add a link to another shop or they can send you a message to buy, customers don’t like faffing so it could put them off buying.

Etsy – Best for handmade, vintage items, easy to use.  Hard to get views and sell products.

This web-site is for vintage or handmade items, so boxes ticked.  I must admit I had no success what so ever with Etsy, even when my fashion label was selling else where I did not manage to even get a single view on my shop or any products.  They offer the option of paid for advertising, I found on top the fees just to list my items which came to $15 dollars a month it would have been expensive.  I see all over the internet people saying they became a Etsy millionaire so maybe it will work for some sellers.

Ebay – Winning Web-site for Views and Sales!!

Best for selling cheaper fashion such as t-shirts and vintage.  Ebay has a reputation for being a bit cheap and will not add brand value.

Its not glamorous, some people still think all it sells is second-hand junk, however Ebay was one of my success stories, I had loads of views and linked to my Facebook page so people could buy what they saw, most people have a Ebay account and Paypal so it is good for that.  The competition on Ebay have really low prices so if selling more high-end, expensive fashion it would probably be hard to get customers to pay high prices more suited to printed t-shirts or vintage fashion.

Amazon – Make your brand look professional and has loads of customers. Unless you have £35 a month Merchant Account it is hard to sell, difficult to use and you can’t sell vintage.

Selling on Amazon does have more of a professional feel then Ebay and surprisingly anyone can sell on there.  You can sell for free or by signing-up for a merchant account that is £35 per month.  I found Amazon really hard to use, I really struggled to up-load stock quickly.  You can’t sell vintage as you need a special EAN barcode number for each item you sell, you can actually buy these from Ebay.  Unless you have a merchant account it is not possible to see how many people have viewed your product, so its hard to tell how well  its doing, finally postage has to be £4.99 so it makes your item sound really expensive  At £35 per month for the Merchant Account it eats into your profit.

ASOS Marketplace – Great for selling vintage clothing and making your brand trendy.  Harder for independent designers, could end up costly to open a boutique.

A trendy web-site, where you can sell vintage and your own designer clothing collections.  I had a ASOS Boutique a few years ago and made sales, sending clothes to customers in England and all over Europe.  I put my success down to a really good photoshoot that I organised on Salford Quays, because it looked so good the images were promoted by ASOS Marketplace.  I did not use it this time as my t-shirts were aimed at children, ASOS Marketplace is definitely for young, trendy late teens, twenty somethings and the style is 1990s.  To get a boutique you have to apply and need that good photoshoot, then its £20 per month with commission on top.  If you a independent fashion designer you may struggle against the vintage brands which are really successful on ASOS Marketplace, indie designers have to have 10 – 15 items, if they cost you £10 to make you need to spend £100 – £150 just to have your collection made before everything else, vintage clothes can be purchased for a few pound.

Own Website – Great for getting your on-line boutique just how you want it, with your own web-site address and photographs.  Web-site templates charge and you need masses of marketing to get your web-site seen.  

So why bother with all these other web-sites to sell your fashion collections, why not just set-up your own web-site.  Your own web-site will be just how you want it, it can be made to look great with your own photographs and you can add your social media accounts to promote yourself.  A web-site makes your brand look professional with your own web-site address and best of all no sales commission.  To have your own web-site it is best to use a template site such as Shopify, WordPress or Square Space, they are free at first for a basic site then for extras usually as shop you can pay from £15 – £25 per month.  The big issue with your own web-site is it can be fantastic and look amazing, unfortunately without a lot of marketing it is  hard to get found amongst the masses on Google.

Hope my experiences help you in some way, remember all brands are different and something may be successful for you that did not work for me.  Would be great to hear about your experiences with selling on the web-sites above and good luck.


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